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1940-1946 GMC Metal Bed Bottom

Though Chevrolet and GMC were usually close in their construction during the 1940’s, they were far apart in a few areas. GMC in particular advertised some of their major differences as being steps above the competition. One unique feature for GMC only is the corrugated metal bed bottom on their ½ ton and ¾ ton pickups between 1940 and 1946. Wood planks were not available during these years on their pickups.

Metal Bed 1

Metal Bed 2

The enclosed photos were taken during the bed bottom replacement of a 1946 GMC ¾ ton about 1990. The owner is Ed O’Reilly of Norwalk, N.Y. Ed would not compromise on the originality and thus a new bed bottom is shown being installed. He states it is not any more difficult than adding wood planks and strips. The right angle edge of the bottom welds to the bed sides just like the more conventional corner bed strips of a wood bed.

Metal Bed 3

Metal Bed 4

Metal Bed 5

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