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1947-1955 Rear Bumper Braces

During the Advance Design years the rear bumper braces on the 1/2 ton pickup are the same. Their cross section height is 1.75′ and thickness is .35′. These units are designed with a rolling drop angle to lower the bumper to the proper level below the tailgate and rear cross sill.

The 3/4 ton pickup rear braces accomplish the same purpose as the 1/2 ton but must have different angles due to the change in the two side frame rails width. They are closer together on a 3/4 ton. In addition, these braces are heavier than the 1/2 tons with 1/4″ additional cross section height. Their thickness remains at the .35′ as a 1/2 ton.

The 1/2 and 1 ton advance design panel truck (3/4 panel in these years were not produced) rear braces are slightly different from those on the same size pickup. These are dropped less because of the different level of the rear doors or lower gate.

These panel and suburban braces are very rare today and reproductions are not being made.

rear bumper braces 1

1/2 ton left | 3/4 ton right (above)

rear bumper braces 2

3/4 ton left | 1/2 ton right (above)

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