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1951 Tail Light Bracket

Beginning in 1951, the rear bumper became an option on both Chevrolet and GMC pickups. This required a change in the standard left tail light bracket. The tail light assembly was now unprotected without the bumper. GM created a new bracket design that brought the tail light slightly ahead of the rear edge of the stake pocket.

In this way the tail light was not hit when the pickup backed against a loading dock. Of course, when the truck came with the now optional rear bumper, the tail light bracket remained as earlier years.

The non rear bumper tail light bracket is not being reproduced. For the perfectionist, it will require some hunting to uncover one of these rare assemblies. Most restorers want the optional rear bumper and thus there is little demand for this forgotten bracket.

1951 tail light bracket 1

1947-1950 (above)

1951 tail light bracket 2

1951-1953 (above)

1951 tail light bracket 3

1947-1950 (above)

1951 tail light bracket 4

1951-1953 (above)

1951 tail light bracket 5

1947-1950 (above)

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