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1954 Chevrolet Willys Radio

As more restorers become interested in the 1954-1955 Chevrolet truck, the demand for the correct factory accessories has increased demand. Trucks during these early years were used mostly for work and many owners ordered no accessories. Even the heater was often added later.

Though locating a restored or restorable factory radio is a difficult task, there is another source that might make the project more successful. The factory 1956 Willys radio #694866 is almost identical to the one in the 1954-55 Chevolet truck and both are 6 volt. The following does not affect fit and the appearance differences can be easily modified.

The Willys radio uses 1951-1953 Kiaser tuning knobs. These can be exchanged for excellent reproduction black knobs now made just for the truck radio.

The dial face does not have the current bow tie displayed on the glass. New glass dials are now available for the 1954-1955 Chevy truck radios.

The Willys radio does not have the speaker attached to its top. A small bracket can easily be fabricated to put the speaker in the correct spot for a Chevrolet. None of this is seen when positioned behind the dash on the truck.

And now the sad fact. If you thought the 1954-1955 Chevrolet truck radio was rare, imagine locating one from a 1956 Willys!

1954 chevrolet willys radio

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