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1955-1959 Panel Tail Lights

The new Task-Force truck design was introduced in mid 1955. For some reason the panel truck carried the same left tail light as the Advance Design used from 1947 through mid 1955. This is strange as the new body was designed to hold a right and left tail light.

Even more unusual was that GM provided a kit for dealer installation when the customer asked for the accessory turn signals. The dealer (not the factory) actually cut a square hole in the body panels to place the two lights. The result in mid 1955 was dealer installed turn signals (by customer request) and the assembly on the left door by the factory.

In 1956 GM began with the lights on either side and this has continued through the years. The left door in 1956-1959 held just the license light assembly.

1955 1959 panel tail light 1

The factory 1955 Panel with the single light on the door. (above)

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1955 with optional dealer installed turn signals (owned by George VanOrden of Fulks Run, Virginia)
Close Up of 1955 door and corner with accessory turn signals.
Tail Light in Hand… Notice the body shop cut to make room for the optional tail lights. These cuts were discovered by George VanOrden during a ground up restoration of his all original 1955 panel.


1955 1959 panel tail light 2

1956-1959 Factory installed dual tail lights. (above)

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