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1966 Cab Features

1966 cab features

Curved Windshield

The large one-piece laminated safety plate glass windshield has an area of approximately 1116 square inches.

Electric Windshield Wipers

Provide constant wiping action regardless of engine load or accelerator position. Wipers have 13-inch blades and a wiping speed of 110 strokes per minute. Two-speed wipers, including a push-button-operated windshield washer, are standard. Wiper arms and the metal portions of the blades have a matte finish.

High-Level Ventilation

Outside air enters through louvers at the top of the cowl – away from road dust, heat and fumes. The air passes into a plenum built into the the cowl, where water is separated from the air and drained out. Air enters the driver compartment through two inlets-one on the right side and one on the left.


Partial opening of ventipanes permits stale air to be drawn out of driver compartment. Ventipanes can also be swung wide open to force outside air into the compartment. Made of solid safety-sheet glass.

Rearview Mirrors

Standard mirrors on Pickup models are a left-side fixed arm and an inside shatterproof. Series 10-30 Chassis Cabs utilize left- and right-hand 6-1/4 inches fixed arm standard mirrors. Series 50-80 models have a left-side 17-1/4 inches swing arm mirror as standard. A wide assortment of optional mirrors is available on most seines. See the Optional Equipment listing in the Model Specifications sections for exact availability.

Full-View Rear Window

Available as an option at extra cost. Large solid safety-sheet glass area of 762 square inches (331 square inches for standard solid safety-sheet rear window) improves rearward visibility to make driving easier and safer.

Safety Glass

Series 10-50 models have door windows of solid safety-sheet glass. Laminated safety sheet glass with metal window frames is optionally available. Series 60-80 models have laminated safety sheet glass with metal window frames as standard equipment.

Soft Ray Glass

Tinted glass is available as an option at extra cost. It may be ordered for the windshield only or for all windows. Consult the model specifications pages for availability as it varies with the series. The light and heat absorption of this glass reduces eye-strain and helps keep cab temperature more comfortable.

Window Frames

Painted metal frames on series 60-80 give extra rigidity to windows and reduce likelihood of broken or cracked glass. Metal frames are also included with the laminated glass option on Series 10-50.

Door Locks

All cab models include a key-operated left door lock as standard equipment. A right door lock is available as an option at extra cost.

Running Boards

Cabs in Series 50 through 80 are fitted with a running board on each side for ease in entering and leaving the cab. LCF cabs also have two convenient steps on each fender.

November 1, 1965


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