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1967 Dash Knobs

The 1967 Chevrolet and GMC trucks are noted for numerous one year only features. As the year progressed, engineers made several changes they felt were an improvement over this first year design.

For reasons unknown, dash knobs were redesigned. The following pictures show the correct 1967standard knobs with 1.23 inch diameter serrated edges. Compare these with the 1968-72 knobs having 1.4 inch diameter and smooth edges. Pictured here are several of the deluxe style having the center silver paint. Most did not have this silver addition.

1967 dash knobs 1

1967 Choke Knob – Standard (above)

1967 dash knob 2

1967 Light and Wiper Knobs – Standard (above)

1967 dash knobs 3

1968-1972 Choke Knob – Deluxe (above)

1967 dash knob 4

1968-1972 Wiper Knob – Standard (above)

1967 dash knob 5

1968-1972 Light and Wiper Knobs – Deluxe (above)

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