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1972 Door

One might assume that because the 1967-1972 cabs are the same, there is also no difference in the doors. Yes, they will interchange, however, there are several visible door differences for 1972.

During this year only, a countersunk hole exists in the interior door panel several inches from the wing vent vertical post. A Phillips screw here helps prevent the interior and exterior door panels from separating with this improvement the horizontal window seal stays in better alignment with the side glass.

The full interior door panel was updated in 1972. A sub panel (wood grained on the deluxe model) covers the upper area behind the door handle and window crank. This raised panel requires the handle studs to be approximately a 1/2 inch longer. Therefore a use 1972 window regulator and door remote will not properly interchange with a 1967-1971 door.

1972 door

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