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Dash Repair

To comply with Federal safety standards, GM first equipped their truck cabs with a padded dash during the 1967-1972 body style. Though a practical and attractive addition to the vehicles interior, most original dash pads show their 30 plus years of use. Exposure to summer sun and winter temperature extremes have caused fading, cracking, and most even have pieces missing.

Until recently a total pad replacement was the only fix. A person needed to remove the glove box cardboard and gauge cluster plus attempt to reach the hidden pad fasteners above the factory radio. This required a good evening for a first timer or a few hours by a restoration shop with their meter running.

Now there is an alternative!

A preformed hollow stiff plastic shell has been produced that simply lays over the original dash pad. It’s shape is just right. Even the grain is correct. A small tube of glue (provided in the kit) and less than one minute installation time completes the job. The finished product is very difficult to tell from the real thing. The shell can even be painted prior to installation if its color is not your choice.

You must have much of the original dash pad for support of this shell. If the old vinyl covering is curling, it is best to cut off the raised cracked edges to allow the shell to better attach to the smooth pad. Even a weight on the shell during the glue drying time would help assure a smooth adhesion.

Check our catalog under the ‘Upholstery’ section and compare this price with the complete dash pad and it’s installation time.

dash repair 1

dash repair 2

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