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Frame Horns

During 1941-46 a unique device was used in the front of both frame rails of Chevrolet/GMC trucks. It was designed to serve two purposes. This forged steel ‘horn’ was a spring hanger as well as a connection for front bumper braces.

These horns are securely riveted into the end of the frame and were designed to last for the life of the truck. Only more serious front-end wrecks will damage them. Usually the whole frame can bend before the cast iron horn breaks. Most were damaged due to lack of lubrication of the shackle pin and bushing. Finally, the pins wear through the bushing and then work on the casting. Finding usable frame horns in recent years have been very difficult. None are being reproduced.

Frame Horn 1
Left side with Frame Horn
Frame Horn 2
Right side with Frame Horn removed
Photos are by Judy and Dave Gaudet email: cohortva@shaw.ca


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