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Premature Body Rust

Did you ever wonder why the 1934-46 GM trucks show major rust on their horizontal flat sheet metal? The mystery is solved! These pictures show without a doubt what a wonderful home Chevy and GMC trucks provide for field mice.

After the truck has been abandoned at the edge of a pasture, placed in a salvage yard, or just stored in a shed after harvest season the little rodents soon find them. When the trucks are left alone for 5 or 10 years, just think of the 100’s of generations that have called them home.

This 1940 1/1/2 ton was recently trailered to our shop for a visit. It was removed from a Central Kansas field a few days before after years of waiting for a new home. It was being taken to Western Pennsylvania by its new owners Robert and his son Robert Galet of Jeannett, PA.

What a perfect place for a mouse house. No wind or rain and probably no snakes! The little guys just keep bringing in more nesting materials. They make more and more babies and of course we know what else they do that rusts out the sheet metal.

Attached is a picture of how this 1940 Chevy looked shortly after he got it to his home. The other photos show what was in place when they raised the hood and opened the doors. It looks like Robert Galet and his son will have a big clean up project. We don’t need to guess what the sheet metal will be like!

You can contact Robert Galet at rgalet@hotmail.com

premature 1

premature 2

premature 3

premature 4

Premature 5

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