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Splash Aprons

Due to the abuse given trucks when they once considered only for work, many body components today are damaged beyond repair. During the restoration of your 1947-1955, if you would rather not use a running board splash apron from a parts supplier, there is an alternative.

Locate a piece of new flat metal the correct gauge and size of your original splash apron. Gradually begin curving the sheet by bending it over a six inch diameter pipe. Secure the pipe in a table vise or equivalent. This will result in the curve you need without unsightly bends on the surface.

The next step takes more patience but you can be successful. Borrow or otherwise locate a small metal break and bend the original angle on the perimeter. You will need to trim the edges to the approximately 3/4″‘ width as original.

Some hand bending where the apron fits against the ridge of the rear fenders will be necessary. This can require some pliers to begin the rounding. Use a round hedge hammer to continue the curving process. Take your time here!

Slight mistakes on the edges will not show from the outside of the pickup. Making your own running board splash apron is especially a good consideration on a 1 ton pickup. These very long aprons are not available from aftermarket suppliers.

This Tech Tip comes from Richard Pasauage of Wilks Barrie, PA. He personally made his 1950 Chevrolet 1 ton running board splash aprons.

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