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Stainless Corner Bed Strips

Stainless steel bedstrips are always a nice extra when you give your bedwood a clear finish. Not only do the strips look good but they retain this attractive appearance despite long term bad weather conditions.

However, a problem occurs when the owner wants corner bed strips in stainless. The original steel corners were welded in place to add bed strength where they joined the bed planks. Unfortunately, welding replacement stainless strips onto the bedsides will always have burn marks. It is just the way it is! Originally, cold rolled steel strips were welded in place at the factory and painted with the bedside.

Stainless does not successfully bond to paint, so the weld spots will always show on the new stainless strips.

The attached pictures show one of the most professional stainless corner welding jobs we have seen. The photos were taken a few days after attachment and before the bed sides were painted. They came by our shop that day for viewing. The owner, Howard Gillis of Stockton, MO is the proud owner of this excellent, evenly spaced welding project. Because they were spot welded in place, only stainless steel metal is on the surface of the welds.

Howard will soon go over these corner strips with a polishing wheel on an electric drill. This will not only put a shine on the welds but will quickly remove the brown burn spots as seen in the photos. The result should be show quality!

You can contact Howard Gillis at hcgillis@alltel.net

stainless bed strip 1

stainless bed strip 2

stainless bed strip 3

stainless bed strip 4

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