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1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck Interior

I found these pictures among some papers stored 16 years ago. The owner of this 1941 panel truck is forgotten, however it is understood why these pictures were taken and placed in storage. Even that long ago, a very original ’41 panel was almost never found.

In this case, it was the interior that was the attention getter. Yes, the inside had been repainted. That was the easy part! It is the seat, bedwood, and storage compartment lid that are so pure. The seat is not only 1941, but the upholstery is very important. It is the same as when it came off the assembly line. Even the threads are still secured well to the vinyl panels. A unique small storage compartment in the floor to the right of the seat has a wood lid! Could this be due to cost cutting on a lower production work vehicle? Yes, it is the correct cover!

The wood planks in the bed from the rear of the seat panel to the back door are black, not varnished. Note: The metal bed strips. The two outer ridges extend slightly above the wood surface. This protects the wood from being continually rubbed by sliding miscellaneous boxes.

For the perfectionist, these photos are proof of how it was when the dealer offered the panel trucks 70 years ago!

1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck
Driver’s seat in correct position
1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck
Bottom side of wood toolbox lid.
1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck
Right side of driver’s seat.
1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck
Wood toolbox lid beside toolbox.
1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck
Driver’s seat moved forward. Dangerous during stops. Hauled merchandise can slide forward pinning driver to steering wheel.
1941 Chevrolet Panel Truck
Wooden lid (with finger hole) over toolbox. On right side of drivers seat. Covered if there is an optional passenger seat.


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