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1968-72 Blazer Seat Belt Storage


To correct the concern about seat belts not being readily available, GM added a few extras during these years.

On the outer side of bucket and bench seats a sheath and spring operated roller kept the belt clean and out of sight when not being used. It kept this belt always in the same place when needed. On the center of the bench seat, the passenger and driver is expected to have the belt beside them on the cushion and ready for use.

On trucks with bucket seats and no console, GM added small non-metal pockets for the buckle on the inside of the seat. They were attached to the edge of the bucket seat with two fasteners. It’s very rare to find these seat belt pockets in trucks today.

With the accessory console in place, these two pockets cannot be on the side of the seat cushion. The seat belt buckle fits into a rectangular metal pocket in the top of the console.

1968-72 Blazer
Seat Belt Pocket, No Console
1968-72 Blazer
Seat Belt Pocket, With Buckle
1968-72 Blazer
Seat belt pocket in accessory console


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