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1955-59 GMC Heater Control Panels

For the first time in truck manufacturing General Motors made a heater available at the factory for Task Force trucks in the 1955-59 years. Yes, the dealer could still add a heater if you requested after the new truck purchase.

Here, we feature the GMC heater dash panel for these years. In the photo, the deluxe fresh air controls have chrome die cast housing, temperature control and defroster levers plus the fan speed switch. You could even adjust for inside or outside air intake.

The recirculator heater control also has a very interesting control panel installation. A hole is punched in the heater blank-out plate. A double switch is pulled to allow more water flow into the heater core. The same knob can be turned to operate the fan motor speed. See the photos with the remaining screen printed lettering on the plate. Very ingenious.

Another interesting photo is a GMC blank-out plate with the round heat knob. Here, the owner used the punched hole and an aftermarket switch. Of course, this is for fan speed and the water in the core is not regulated.

Note: The shape of the two heater inserts in the photo look as though they have a different bend, however this is only the angle of the photo!


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