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1958 GMC Model 350 2-1/2 Ton Stakebed

Owner:  John “Grizz” Hulbert

This was purchased from an eBay ad, here in Illinois. It spent all of its life under shelter as a farm truck. The old farmer couldn’t start it one day and took it to another, local farmer who does mechanics work. When the mechanic told the owner that the 336 Pontiac engine had sucked a valve, the owner told him to junk it. Not on his watch, the mechanic/farmer found a 316 Pontiac as a replacement. I got in it after I bought it and drove the 300 miles home on back roads and averaging 50 mph. Overall, the truck is exceptionally clean and is definitely a head turner, even though it’s not a hotrod pickup. The dump bed lifts and it runs straight. I just have a fuel gauge, speedometer, and rear seals to work out.

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