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1941-46 Bedside Improvements

A subtle improvement to Chevy and GMC pickup bedsides occurred in 1941.  Prior to this, truck owners that overloaded their pickup bed would sometime cause them to bend outward.  Heavy freight such as sand, gravel or a load of lumber placed substantial side pressure on the rear of the bedsides.  The sides were sometimes bent in outward and they could not easily be returned to their vertical position.

To help lessen this problem GM engineers in 1941-46 added a large rear wooden bed block.  It sat on the frame rail near the tailgate and as in prior years helped support the bed.  However, two holes were added horizontally.  Two bolts went through the bedside and pulled it tight against the large wood block.  The result was not a perfect fix but was a help to eliminate bent bedsides.

Rear block with 2 holes

Matching 2 holes in bedside

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