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1940-46 Map Lights, All Trucks Had Them!

Within 10 to 15 years the delicate factory three position light switch under dash usually broke.  Replacing this switch on a working truck in the 1940’s was usually not an option.  Now almost 70 years later few owners of these early GM trucks even know the light switch existed.  In most cases the little single filament light bulb and socket still remains hidden behind the middle of the dash panel.  A horizontal slot in the dash once allowed light to be emitted into the cab area.  Just right for reading a map!

NOW, they are once again available.   Various tooling was made so all parts of the switch would fit together.  One side illuminates the dash cluster, one side is for the map light and the middle position is off. Just like GM did it!  All 1940-46 Chevrolet and GMC trucks have the factory under dash holes for installation.  Contact Jim Carters Truck Parts at 1-800-842-1913 or check on line at www.oldchevytrucks.com. Mention item # EL157.  Price $29.50


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