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1937-38 GMC Lower Grille Bar Support

Did GM make a mistake in designing the rubber grille bar support? The six vertical grille bars are each held in a slot in a lower rubber V-block. It keeps the bars in proper position and protects them from damage when driving over very rough terrain.

The problem: Almost all (now 76 year old grilles) have their vertical bars ends rusted away due to water seeping into these slots securing the bars. Should General Motors have added a water drain hole in each slot to stop standing water? An enclosed photo shows the extra thoughts by a customer a few weeks ago. A small drain hole was cut in the bottom of each slot in the V-block. He was attempting to stop grille bar rust!

We suspect General Motors would say: “We do not build trucks to last 50 to 75 years. That is just the way it is.”


Grille Bars – Rusted Away


Close-up. Grille Bar ends gone


With Bar Slots


Aftermarket Drain Holes on Bottom


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