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1934-36 Side Mount Tire Clips

What a surprise! We have been in the old GM truck collector and parts business for 35 years and just discovered this hidden feature. In the single wheel well of the 1934-36 ½ tons there are 4 clips to help secure the wheel well spare tire. These clips each have sharp points to secure the rubber tire from moving in the indented wheel well. What a good idea considering the rough roads that then existed, especially in rural areas.

Did the dealers stock replacement clips? We doubt it. Did the truck owners pay much attention to their existence? Probably never. Can you see them with the tire in place? No. When you do a complete restoration do you look for new ones? No.

For most, this article is about as close to seeing one as you will get! We just thought you would like knowing.

Two pointed clips at top and bottom

Bottom Clips with Points

Top Clips with Points


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