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1939-46 Under-Seat Gas Tank

Finally we have just received another large delivery of 1939-1946 Chevrolet / GMC metal gas tanks. The demand picked up faster than we expected so we had been without for about six months until our order for our tanks, was manufactured and shipped. The manufacturer makes over 100 gas tanks so we had to get in line!

Ours are the best on the market. Made to exact GM specifications. They are even zinc plated inside like original so rust does not appear for many, many years!


These 18 gallon metal tanks are made for the safest place on the truck. Here’s why.

1. They set below the seat assembly and are surrounded by heavy 12 gauge ribbed steel band that is welded to the cab floor. (Almost impossible for most body shops to straighten this heavy plate)

2. This is surrounded by a cab with two layers of 16 gauge metal. (also not easy for most body shops to straighten dents)

3. There is no rubber hose connection to leak between the tank and the gasoline add pipe.

4. Just below this gas tank is the two long steel frame rails as well as a heavy cross member just behind the rear edge of the cab.

5. The narrow distance between the drive line and the frame rail prevents placement there without it being a very small size. This would require frequent refills.

Yes, General Motors knew the safest place for their tank!!

QUESTION! We have seen restorers place a non-original tank behind the rear axle. WOW! Could this really be happening? That’s a bomb ready for a rear end collision. Remember the 1978 Ford Pinto car fire disaster that killed 3 people? Check Google on your computer and then “Ford Pinto Fire”. This may bring back some memories.

Your gas tank is an area surrounded by three layers of steel! Placing it behind the rear axle with almost no protection puts it in a very dangerous position.
Protected by 3 layers of metal, 2 frame rails, and a cross member

And this owner really thought it was safer than GM did it!


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