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1947-55 Chevrolet GMC Advanced Design Trucks

Referred to by General Motors as the “Advance Design” trucks, these mid 1947 through early 1955 Chevrolet GMC trucks have become GM’s most long lasting popular pickups and big trucks this company ever built.

They continue to appear at early car and truck shows, in television advertisements, and just driving down the road. The 1947 through 1955 Chevrolet GMC Advance Design trucks are less difficult to repair than most of their competition, easily receive a later model engine, parts are readily available, and a starter truck is affordable for most medium budgets.

To many at least the 1947 through 1953 Chevy GMC Advance Design trucks look very similar, however there are very subtle differences that occur each year. Sometimes these are even changes during mid-years. Our Jim Carter Truck Parts website at www.oldchevytrucks.com has so many technical articles that relate to these annual changes. For the 1947-55 perfectionist, these are a “must” read.

Probably the most unique Chevrolet GMC Advance Design years are 1954 through mid-1955. To slightly update the Advance Design trucks, GM made a change in the design of the grill and its supports, cab dash, and adding the famous 235 full oil pressure six cylinder engine or Chevrolet. The step bed box was given a total make over that continued through 1987. These years are detailed on our website: www.oldchevytrucks.com then check tech articles. The detailed articles are from 35 years of hands-on contact with customers, having swap meet booths almost monthly somewhere in the US (sometimes Canada) and personally restoring several early GM trucks.

We at Jim Carter Truck Parts are one of the leaders in supplying parts for the 1947 through 1955 Chevrolet Advance Design Truck. With 35 years’ experience and the growth of home computers, we continue to add tech articles to record our growing Advance Design truck knowledge. Yes, we like sharing our discoveries to all that have an interest in early GM truck history.

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