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The New 1955 Chevrolet Truck

The 1947 through early 1955 Advance Design Chevrolet Trucks were great sellers however General Motors realized that a changed body style would soon be in order. The competition was strong and if Chevrolet was to stay “Number One” in truck sales, a new planned body style would be necessary.

It all came into existence in mid-1955. The totally new cab and front sheet metal was introduced as “The Task Force Trucks”.

There was even a slight resemblance to the new totally redesigned 1955 Chevrolet cars. The Chevrolet truck design was so different than the Advanced Design body style America was accustomed to seeing. It certainly out dated the Advance Design truck. Sales continued strong and kept the mid 1955 Chevrolet trucks “Number One” in the nation.

By this time US citizens had a little extra disposable income. GM had seen this coming as more options and accessories were sold in 1954 than ever before for the Advance Design trucks.


For almost all of 1954, GM had been heavily advertising the coming of the NEW 1955 Chevrolet passenger car. It would be a totally different vehicle. Even a V-8 came optional and a 12 volt electrical system was standard! The new Chevy trucks would also offer an optional V-8 engine and standard 12 volt electrical system. GM spent so much money to make people aware of what was coming! They used television, local newspapers, radio, magazines, mail-outs, posters in dealerships showrooms etc. to keep these new coming Chevrolet cars in the minds of the American public.
General Motors decided the way to get the very most for their advertisement dollar was to hold back the introduction of the coming new 1955 Chevrolet Task Force Trucks. These were not to compete with the new Chevrolet cars. Some smaller Chevrolet dealers could just get one or two vehicles in their showroom and GM wanted it to be passenger cars in early 1955. GM would wait for the 1955 Chevrolet Task Force truck showing until after the show room car introduction and the crowds slowed.

Then the new 1955 Chevrolet truck advertisements were started and a totally different group of customers were expected to be in the showrooms. Their many passenger car ads they had used for the new 1955 car were GM’s guide on how to do it again but this time for trucks.

The dealers loved it! They never had so many people looking at cars and trucks in one year. If a dealer did not make more money in their history during the 1955 year, they just were not trying! (and GM might find someone else to own their Chevrolet dealership!)

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