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Pin Striping Your Own Wheels


Pin Striping Your Own Wheels

For most people, placing pin stripes on wheels is very difficult. It comes at the end for most detailed restorations so having it done less than perfect is not acceptable.  So what is the option?  Here are some suggestions for a “do-it-yourself” method.  It is forgiving if you make a mistake and must try again.


  1. Show drying enamel (the color of the stripe)
  2. Enamel reducer for cleaning your brush and removing mistakes. A 1/2 pint is more than enough.
  3. Artist paint brush (the diameter of the stripe with short bristles is good, but not so short you cannot make one rotation)
  4. A clean wheel on the truck. It can then be slowly turned.


  1. Use a step ladder or equivalent to tape the brush in place.
  2. Turn the wheel on the truck “slowly” once the paint brush is put in place.
  3. Lightly put on pressure. Don’t over pressure the paint brush holding paint.
  4. Big mistake? Wipe the paint off with a little enamel reducer and clean rag.
  5. Advertise in your local newspaper that you stripe wheels! Keep the secret to yourself.

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