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1936 GM Oldsmobile Truck

Here is a page from an 80 year old automotive magazine. It appears the General Motors Truck Division made a slightly different truck for the country of Mexico.

Seven dealers in Mexico are listed. Whether the trucks were just assembled in Mexico is unknown.

It appears the Oldsmobile trucks are almost like the 1936 Chevrolet in the USA with the modified grill and emblems as the exception. The Great Depression in the US was at its height in 1936. Could it be that General Motors was looking at different venues to try to slow the gradual decrease of automobile and truck sales?

The advertisement that benefits dealers in Mexico are all in English and the measurements are in the metric system as used in Mexico. Strange!

Another Surprise!

When “1936 Oldsmobile Trucks” is typed on Google Search, it brings up this truck with the same grill and it can also be found in Australia. It can be traced to the years 1936 through 1938. All had the flathead 230 cubic inch engine that was in the Oldsmobile passenger car.

It is doubtful that the trucks were transported by boat between Mexico and Australia, could be, but it seems expensive. Was there an assembly line in each country OR…….?

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