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Interior GMC Paint

Interior Paint, GMC 1936-40

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Early GMC’s carried the same texture of interior paint as the Chevrolet trucks. However, to keep the two companies looking different, GMC used a dark gray wrinkle instead of the dark brown used on Chevrolet Trucks. GMC used the wrinkle style paint through 1940 but Chevrolet stopped this type of texture paint at the end of 1938.

This unusual texture finish was on all removable parts on the interior, including dash, door panels, header panel, windshield, headliner rear panel, post covers, etc. These pre-painted panels could be attached on the assembly line to the cab that had been painted a smooth exterior enamel of various GMC colors.

The interior photos are from an untouched original 1939 GMC belonging to Rob English of Franklin Mass.