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Ghost Windows

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The door window is cranked up tight in the cloth channel and off you go on your daily errands. Suddenly, the glass begins to slowly lowers as you drive over side roads or contact a rough surface. In comes cold air, rain, and wind! Even the window handle turns. What’s this all about? Do you tape the window closed or wire the handle so it will not turn?

You have a window regulator spring problem! This large 2″ diameter round spring has either broken or become disconnected.

With no spring tension on the regulator, the weight of the glass creates the lowering of the support arm and window. Sorry, there is no good fix other than removing the regulator from inside the door. The picture below shows this circular Clock spring. It must be large to hold the weight of the glass panel.

ghost window

Three vs Five Window Cab

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

During all of the 1947-1955 series, the five window cab, often referred to as the Deluxe cab, was available as an extra cost option. Their two corner windows helped in visibility especially when backing. Cabs made during the same year are identical except for these corner window options. Some buyers in the southern states rejected this option. They felt these corner windows made the cab interior much hotter during the summer months.

Beginning in 1953, tinted windows became a factory option. Though today’s glass shops can easily cut and add the replacement flat tinted windows. However, the optional curved tinted corner windows are not easy to locate. They were only available from the factory between 1953-1955. The few originals are usually scrapped and pitted.

In the last few years a replacement corner window has been reproduced. They are available in green or gray tint. They are kept at Jim Carters Truck Parts as well as other full stocking dealers.