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Updating 1955-1959 Seats

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

For those not requiring the original seat cushions on their 1955-59 Task Force truck, a roomy comfortable substitute is available. This unit is from a 1988 body style Chevrolet or GMC truck and is almost a bolt-in.

The legs or side brackets on this newer seat comes attached to the cushions from a used truck and sets nicely by the floor edge of the 1955-1959 cab. It almost looks factory installed! Yes, the cushion edge will slightly touch the doors but cause no closing problems.

The result is a much softer seat and a definite increase in distance between your “middle” and the stock steering wheel. Almost no interference with the in cab fuel tank.

1958-1959 Deluxe Interior

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

It is sometimes asked by restorers, ‘What is the correct fabric for a 1958 Chevrolet Cameo or other deluxe cabs in 1958-59?’ Answer: The same cloth material was used on the top of the line seats and door panels throughout both years. Yes, the last year of the Cameos, discontinued at about mid 1958, used the same cloth as the deluxe non-Cameo cabs.

The following pictures show this interior material on a 1958 Cameo door panel, a 1959 Chevrolet deluxe cab with 12,000 original miles, and on a page from the 1959 Chevrolet Salesman’s Data Book.

This data is not known by many 1958 Cameo restorers and it does give them more places to obtain the correct material. As this material was used two years, upholstery shops having left-over partial rolls may have this rare upholstery material in storage!

1958 1959 deluxe interior 1

1958 1959 deluxe interior 2

1958 1959 deluxe interior 3

1958 1959 Deluxe Interior Informational Chart PDF version. Click Here

Seat Cover Kits

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Our seat cover kits are produced with an emphasis on originality. The materials are top quality for many year’s service. Seams, ribbing, etc., are based on original seats.

seat cover

We recommend that installation be done by a professional upholstery company. However, if you wish to do it yourself, here are several important steps to follow:

1. Seat springs must be in original condition. No breaks, sags, etc.

2. Over springs, place one layer of burlap.

3. Over burlap, place two layers of cotton padding. Cotton must extend down over edges of outer springs.

4. Place vinyl cover over padding. Stretch evenly to eliminate wrinkles. Press special C shape clips at rear of springs to permanently hold cover in place.

5. If clips are put in place with pliers, cover the end with tape or equivalent to lessen chances to vinyl tears.

6. Wrinkles from storage will normally disappear in several days.

GMC Blank Out

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Between 1954 and 1959 the dash cluster of GMC trucks were given a circular opening for a dealer installed clock or tachometer. These trucks left the factory with a blank-out plate to fill this opening. With most GMC’s this plate always remained in place as an option was rarely added.

The enclosed photo shows both plates used during the period. We are requesting help to identify the years each were used. Contact us for your opinion at www.oldchevytrucks.com

gmc blank out

Deluxe Steering Wheels

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

During the early 1960’s, deluxe appearance options on GM trucks were slowly increasing in popularity. Though trucks were still basically purchased as workers, a growing group of buyers were requesting more deluxe features. Extra disposable US income meant more money to add to a new truck purchase.

One very noticeable appearance option was the deluxe interior on Chevrolet light trucks. This package included a steering wheel with chrome die-cast horn ring and attractive center. To save tooling on this slower selling option, Chevrolet used a wheel that was already in production on their automobile. The 1960-65 truck used a wheel from a 1960 Belair. The 1966 deluxe cab interior changed to 1965 Nova steering wheel.

deluxe steering wheel 1

1960-1965 (above)    Used on 1960 Impala

deluxe steering wheel 2

1960-1965 (above)    Used on 1960 Impala

1966 steering

1966 Steering Wheel Used on Early Nova’s

deluxe steering wheel 3 deluxe steering wheel 4

1960-1965 (top left) | 1966 (top right)

deluxe steering wheel 5 deluxe steering wheel 6

1960-1965 (top left) | 1966 (top right)