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1968-72 Blazer Seat Belt Storage

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

To correct the concern about seat belts not being readily available, GM added a few extras during these years.

On the outer side of bucket and bench seats a sheath and spring operated roller kept the belt clean and out of sight when not being used. It kept this belt always in the same place when needed. On the center of the bench seat, the passenger and driver is expected to have the belt beside them on the cushion and ready for use.

On trucks with bucket seats and no console, GM added small non-metal pockets for the buckle on the inside of the seat. They were attached to the edge of the bucket seat with two fasteners. It’s very rare to find these seat belt pockets in trucks today.

With the accessory console in place, these two pockets cannot be on the side of the seat cushion. The seat belt buckle fits into a rectangular metal pocket in the top of the console.

1968-72 Blazer
Seat Belt Pocket, No Console
1968-72 Blazer
Seat Belt Pocket, With Buckle
1968-72 Blazer
Seat belt pocket in accessory console

1968-1972 Blazer Passenger Seat

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Though most of the first design Blazers came with a passenger seat, it was still an extra cost factory option. Originally created by GM with encouragement from the US Postal Service, it was felt they would be just right for mail delivery in a 2-wheel drive version. Most, but not all, other buyers wanted this right side seat and paid the extra cost!

Pictured is an all original seat in a position that allowed an extra passenger to reach another option, the rear seat. This non-folding passenger seat moves forward something like the two door Suburbans of the 1940’s through mid 1960’s.

1968-1972 Blazer   1968-1972 Blazer

1967-1968 Buddy Seat

Thursday, February 11th, 2010


What an unusual seat on the 1967-68 Chevy/GMC pickups!  It was standard equipment on the “top of the line” Chevrolet CST and GMC Super Custom pickups.

The seat consisted of two bucket seats and a much smaller center cushion referred by many as a Buddy seat.  It allowed for a third passenger or the back cushion could be lowered horizontally to give an oversize arm rest.  When you lift the lower cushion there is a large storage area. All are covered with pleated vinyl.  Yes, three pair of seat belts were included.

The three cushions contained extra foam and better springs to give the owner a more comfortable ride.  These seats were part of a more deluxe cab that had not been available in prior years.  We have no documentation that they could even be special ordered on the larger 1 ½ and 2 tons.

GMC Super Custom Interiors

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

super custom interiors

GMC Super Custom Interiors offer the ultimate in comfort and style, including plush bucket seats with vinyl covering and matching center seat concole. The GMC Super Custom also includes appearance and comfort options from special horn button to carpeted floor.

Seat Cover Kits

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Our seat cover kits are produced with an emphasis on originality. The materials are top quality for many year’s service. Seams, ribbing, etc., are based on original seats.

seat cover

We recommend that installation be done by a professional upholstery company. However, if you wish to do it yourself, here are several important steps to follow:

1. Seat springs must be in original condition. No breaks, sags, etc.

2. Over springs, place one layer of burlap.

3. Over burlap, place two layers of cotton padding. Cotton must extend down over edges of outer springs.

4. Place vinyl cover over padding. Stretch evenly to eliminate wrinkles. Press special C shape clips at rear of springs to permanently hold cover in place.

5. If clips are put in place with pliers, cover the end with tape or equivalent to lessen chances to vinyl tears.

6. Wrinkles from storage will normally disappear in several days.