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Suburban Back Up Lights

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

For those on a quest for near unobtainable GM options, this one will provide years of searching. During the mid 1950’s, backup lights began to show growing popularity and were occasionally seen on pickup trucks near each rear fender.

The limited production 1955-56 Suburban was no exception but the location for its backup light was unusual. Their single center tailgate running light was given this attachment on its right side. The foot on this small backup light was curved to secure just right to the round tail light housing. The photo below shows this option as it was installed by GM.

Activating the light on a factory column shift three speed or Hydramatic was relatively easy. The switch attaches to the shift linkage levers on the steering column.

The 4-speed transmission backup light switch must be totally different as there is no external linkage. This photo is of this very unusual switch attached to the base of the floor shift lever.

suburban back up light 1

suburban back up light 2

suburban back up light 3

1966 Stepside Back Up Lights

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

The rear stepside fenders on the 1955 through 1966 are usually considered the same. The reproductions on both metal and fiberglass are listed in catalogs and related advertisements as being identical on the right and identical on the left.

Not true if you are a perfectionist! In 1966 Federal automotive regulation required all cars and light trucks to have back-up lights. Thus, GM modified this fender with a stamped indention to better fit the required back-up light assembly.

1966 stepside back up light

1960-1966 Back Up Lights

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

To keep vehicles base price low, GM made many items dealer accessories. If the buyer required extras, the dealer was the installer. This created less complications on the assembly line and added more income for dealerships.

One of these extras was back-up lights on the 1960-1966 Fleetside pickup. After 35 years they have become very rare due to their location below the taillight assembly. They were always subjected to water and salt. Corrosion of the chrome outer die cast bezel is a normal result of trucks used regularly.

The adjacent photos show the light assembly before installation plus their correct location on the pickup box.

1960 1969 back up lights 1

1960 1969 back up lights 2

1960 1969 back up lights 3

1960 1969 back up lights 4

1960 1969 back up lights 5