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1951 GMC

Owner: Rob English

1951 gmc pick up truck

I bought my ‘1951 GMC in ‘1991 and like many people, eventually I found my way to Jim Carter’s shop door…or more correctly his catalog and mail order business. At that time, his catalog was just being updated which is still the case! It’s constantly being updated. I wish that I had all my old Jim Carter catalogs to go back and look at them because of what is now available versus what was not available from the catalog then. Trust me, the catalog is a LOT thicker now. He used to go from ‘1934-‘1959 in one catalog! Actually I think his first catalog was from ‘1934-‘1972.

My ‘1951 GMC 3/4 ton truck was a barn fresh low mile original vehicle that had less than 21,000 original miles on it when I bought it. It has a number of unique factory options like the canvas and wood bed with tin lining and fender mounted rear directional signals. I have never put the canvas back on the huckster bed because I was so proud of how the wood looked when finished natural but still plan to some day. It looks like an Advance Design Covered Wagon with the canvas on. I am thinking of getting a US Parks Service logo for the door if I put the canvas back as it looks like a forest truck with the canvas on.

This ‘1951 GMC came as a stock truck in Brewster Green with the following factory options: a fresh air heater, Pyrene Fire Extinguisher mounted in the cab corner behind the passenger’s head, huckster bed with canvas and galvanized tin lining, and 4 speed synchromesh transmission. The dealer added GMC air horns under the hood, signal stat rear only directional signals, Unity fog lights, and a Unity Spotlight. I added an original restored radio, step plates on the running boards, and a rear bumper. I got the radio, step plates, bumper, and 3/4 ton rear bumper brackets from Jim. I replaced my bumpers with stainless which is the ONLY way to go as far as I’m concerned. They are easy to maintain and will take some scuffs and buff out easily unlike chrome which is shot once scratched deeply. I think I paid $325 for the radio completely restored like new and that was about 7 or 8 years ago. Now the original ‘1947-‘1953 Chevy/GMC radios are few and far between.

Put my name at the top of the list of satisfied Carter customers. I bought (and continue to buy) virtually everything from Jim including all the rubber, a ‘1951 driver’s side door – one year door hard to find, left front fender, and too many other new, reproduction, and used parts to begin to list. A few years later I was back again. Jim was able to supply me with some hard to find parts when I was working on my ’51 GMC Suburban. I wanted to run the older (‘1930’s & 1940s) artillery style wheels on it but wanted to keep the original GMC clip style hubcaps and Jim had a full set of the artillery wheels that were NOS! I also got a 4 row radiator from him that worked GREAT with the automatic transmission cooler in it! Many of the Suburban parts are only available used and Jim was able to help with everything except a 3rd seat which I never did find.

I haven’t done too much to my ‘1951 3/4 ton Huckster since the beginning of ’95 but drive it and enjoy it. I sold the Suburban and have been thinking about trying to find a ‘1954 – 1955 1st series GMC one ton with a HydraMatic and DeLuxe cab as that is probably my all time favorite GMC pickup. I have had many fun miles in my GMC trucks which sport a lot of Jim’s parts.

I wish continued success to Jim and his business and I’ll do what I can to keep you going if I can find the right GMC!

Rob English

1951 gmc pick up truck 1951 gmc pick up truck 1951 gmc pick up truck

1951 gmc pick up truck 1951 gmc pick up truck 1951 gmc pick up truck

1951 gmc pick up truck

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