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1950 Chevrolet 3100

Owner: Mark DeMonaco

1950 chevrolet 3100 pick up truck

This is my 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Series pickup truck. I bought it around seven years ago for a measly $800.00. It was in decent shape.

No chrome and primered and painted about eight different colors. It has a small block 350 motor backed by a 350 turbo trans. It rolls on 14 x 6 inch rims with G 78 – 14 Commander 2 1/4 whitewalls. Shortly after I purchased it, I tore it down to just the cab and the motor. That’s about the same time I got lazy so the truck sat for the next five years. During which I started buying all the chrome and accessories and pretty much every thing else. Before I knew it the millennium was upon us. I said to myself that I wasn’t going to start out a new decade without the truck so about six or seven months prior to 2000 it got in gear and went to work. I sent it out to get primered and what a nightmare that was. It came back worse than when I sent it. The people did a terrible job. So all my prep work from before was a loss. I had to sand it down to get it the least bit presentable. With the help from some good friends of mine ( you know who you are ) it was finished by the first part of December…..Just in the nick of time. After that it’s been a series of progression. More accessories, then the flame pinstripping, installed a stereo ( CD player, amp and several speakers ), flame thrower kit in the exhaust, etc… etc….

I’m sure that I’m not even close to completion (are they ever really finished? ) My next big project is to install some sort of air assisted suspension….

Thanks for everything,
Mark DeMonaco

1950 chevrolet 3100 pick up truck 1950 chevrolet 3100 pick up truck

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