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1955 Chevrolet First Series

Owner: Mike Harness – Blacksburg, VA

1955 chevrolet first series pick up truck

My truck is a 1955 Chevrolet 3100 First Series Deluxe Cab. My wife used to ride in this truck as a girl in the late 1950’s. It belonged to her neighbor, the original owner. That neighbor drove it for years, and then sold it to another neighbor who used in on his farm for years. Then it was parked by the creek for about five years before I spotted it while on a Sunday drive in 1992.

It was quite rusty and had a set of cattle racks on it. But, I couldn’t resist. With a new battery, a little gas down the carburetor, a slightly burned cousin (who now knows not to pour too much gas because it just might backfire), we started it and I drove it home. I soon had the original 235 engine rebuilt, then embarked on the long journey with Jim Carter’s Antique Truck Parts to restore what I considered to be a real diamond in the rough. I bought my parts from Jim Carter’s, and turned the project over to pro restorer Monty King at King’s Restorations in Cloverdale, Virginia so the body would be done right. The truck has been slowly and meticulously restored over the last ten years and is in near-perfect, near-show-quality condition. The list of items purchased from Jim Carter’s is extensive. This is a ground-up restoration. All body parts were removed and sand-blasted down to good steel. All rust was replaced with new steel, or the entire part was replaced if necessary. Minor cosmetics to the engine would make it a show truck. Body is perfect, mechanics excellent. Truck is very original and can be driven anywhere. It has 127,000 actual miles. It does not currently have a radio installed. All colors are authentic, Juniper Green and White two-tone exterior, with two-tone interior of dark and light green. (Many thanks to the staff at Jim Carter’s for helping me get the exact colors!!!) I kept it as a 6 volt system and I have several original parts as spares. I have enjoyed the truck and the project. It is great to drive. My father-in-law was partly the reason I undertook the project, but he passed away shortly before it was completed. I would consider selling the truck to someone who would like to take it the last bit to perfection.

Mike Harness
Blacksburg, Virginia
(540) 951-2197

1955 chevrolet first series pick up truck 1955 chevrolet first series pick up truck 1955 chevrolet first series pick up truck

1955 chevrolet first series pick up truck 1955 chevrolet first series pick up truck 1955 chevrolet first series pick up truck

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