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1954 Chevrolet

Owner: Steve Daily

1954 chevrolet pick up truck

Dear Friends

I hope this truck meets your approval. It is a 1954 model that is totally original. I know these trucks did not have white walls on them when they came out of the factory, but these are the original brand (B.F. Goodrich). This is actually my second 1954 Chevy pickup. I restored one back in my college days, and my wife and I dated in that old truck. So, this one brings back a lot of wonderful memories for us. Some of the parts I have used to restore this truck were acquired through Jim Carter’s Antique Truck Parts.

I especially want you to know that I appreciate your website. It has been a wonderful resource for me as I have sought to determine what is actually original on these old trucks. I learned, for example, that the original color was most likely Juniper Green and the interior color was most likely pearl beige. I also learned how to obtain a restoration guide from General Motors which has given me some invaluable information. This is how I learned that 15 inch wheels were an R.P.O. (Regular Production Option) in 1954. Your website truly enhances my interests in these beautiful and appreciating vehicles.

Steve Daily
Pearland, Texas

1954 chevrolet pick up truck 1954 chevrolet pick up truck 1954 chevrolet pick up truck

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