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1955 Chevrolet 3600

Owner: Kim Cooke

1955 chevrolet 3600

Hi, I thought you may be interested in my truck. The dual rear was an option and may have had a flat bed or stake sides at the beginning. I have the original owners manual that lists only one model with a 6900 lb. gross vehicle weight and it’s the dual rear model.

When I found the truck it was being used to tow vehicles in Temple City CA. It had a hand-crank boom bolted t a 1/4″ plate steel bed. I’m pretty sure that the body shop that owned the truck put the fender extensions, as I’ve found no evidence that Chevy offered them. I still have the original hubs and split rims but have changed to modern dual rims for safety and convenience. I’ve had it for 10 years and have enjoyed working on it.

Kim Cooke

1955 chevrolet 3600 1955 chevrolet 3600 1955 chevrolet 3600

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