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1940 Chevrolet

Owner: John Buhr

1940 chevrolet

This truck has been in my family for nearly fifty years. my dad purchased it from a local GMC dealer in our hometown in western Wisconsin and we are the third owners. The truck was purchased new by the Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture, next by a farmer in a neighboring community, and then by my dad. We used it on our small farm, hauling can milk to the local creamery, trips to the feed mill, and in the fields at planting and harvest time. It worked well as an all around work truck. We quit farming in the mid sixties and my dad turned the truck over to me. I then used it as a daily driver for about 10 years. During that time I pounded out a few dents that came from the everyday work on the farm, sprayed some paint on it and always kept it out of the weather when not in use.

In about 1975 I started taking it apart, overhauling the engine and replacing the clutch and brakes. It was stored, torn apart, for about 25 years. In 2001 I decided to get going on it again, first doing the front fenders, box, and rear fenders. I did the mechanical work myself and with the help of my cousin, who has a body shop, we finally finished it in 2007.

Over the years I picked up some replacement parts from Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts, and also found some parts at swap meets. The body was pretty much rust free, the running boards were rusted quite badly, but I was able to find a pair in western state that were in very good condition. The rear fenders were a challenge. I had the grille and bumpers re-chromed. Did the bed floor in red oak.

John Buhr

1940 chevrolet 1940 chevrolet 1940 chevrolet

1940 chevrolet 1940 chevrolet

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