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1946 GMC

Owner: Charlie

1946 gmc truck

Charlie has owned this truck for over 30 years, since he was 12 years old. He bought it with paper route money. His parents said “What are you gonna do with that truck” he said “gonna drive it”. And he did just that after scraping out the oil pan and replacing the fuel tank.

Message from Charlie:

This truck drives like a dream, goes down the road straight, I sure am glad I took the time to redo the king pins spring bushings and bearings also it likes to roll with the tires I got they look like narrow original but are radials. At first I had a little trouble using the lousy gas of today it cleaned all the varnish off the floats that looked good which made them sink. Not a big deal quick trip to Napa and $14 dollars later ol red purrs smooth.

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