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1960-1966 Chevrolet Hood Changes

1960 1966 hood changes 1

The two distinct styles of hoods during this seven year series (1960-1961 and 1962-1966) were each the same for Chevrolet and GMC except for one slight difference. The spot welded insert across the front (5″ x 82″) is a different stamping for Chevrolet than for GMC. This created a changed appearance with less expense!

Because of this different insert the two trucks have park light lenses that will not interchange. For economic reasons the 1960-1961 style hood was soon discontinued by GM. After the mid 1970’s, if the dealer ordered a 1960-1961 hood, he was sent the 1962-1966 style. It fit the older design truck perfectly.

For the non-perfectionist, all 1960-1966 GMC and Chevrolet hoods will interchange.

1960-1966 hood changes 2 1960-1966 hood changes 3 1960-1966 hood changes 4

1960-1966 hood changes 5 1960-1966 hood changes 6

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