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Advance Design Door Weather Seal

Installing the door weather seal on 1947-1955 G.M. trucks is not difficult, however some extra knowledge is required. Gluing it to the door edge incorrectly will limit it’s ability to seal drafts and add to wind noise. It is just as easy to attach this seal correctly.

The design of correct weather seal is square on the bottom that holds the glue. On the opposite end are two ears, each being a different length. The short ear is glued against the door and does not extend beyond the door edge. It should not be seen when the door is closed. The longer ear receives no glue and extends further up to touch more of the cab or body when the door is shut.

A nice touch at the two lower corners is to cut these ends at 45 degrees. The horizontal rubber bottom can be turned over so the metal lower windlace retainer fits in the groove between the two ears. It is a package that all looks very nice once placed together.

advance design door weather seal 1

A view of the 45 degree angle where the side and horizontal bottom door weather seals join (above)

advance design door weather seal 2

Here, the weather seal is installed on the door incorrectly. Note that the long ear can not reach the door post or body. (above)

advance design door weather seal 3

This photo shows an incorrectly installed door weather seal. Note the long ear is visible when the door is closed. Not correct.(above)

advance design door weather seal 4

Short ear side, glued against door | Longer side, mounted away from door (above)

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