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1954 Chevrolet Deluxe

Owner:  Pat Jackson

It’s mid 1954 and there is a growing segment of the US that for the first time has some disposable income.

This was part of a post Korean War boom that had never been seen before. General Motors recognized this. More automotive options that were available were selling well!

Thus, a relative inexpensive gamble was made by the Chevrolet truck division of GM. Just maybe some light truck buyers would prefer a pickup with most accessories as standard equipment. For an extra cost you could receive a package of accessories even though they had nothing to do with the work ability of the pickup.

This gave birth to Chevrolet’s Deluxe pickup truck in mid-year 1954. On this pickup, you didn’t order specific accessories. The appearance items all came standard for one price! The new Deluxe pickups are not shown in most 1954 Chevrolet truck brochures. They were introduced in mid-year, long after the dealer brochures were printed for the beginning of the 1954 truck year.

Pat Jackson of Johnstown, Ohio found one of these Deluxe 1954 pickups in a central Texas ad about 2004. He trailered it back over 1,000 miles and thought it would be great to totally restore a pure 1954 Deluxe. Most all was there. It just had been exposed to almost 60 years of weather and regular use. It would be like assembling a big model kit but each part would be carefully restored to be just like it come from the factory. No exceptions. It would even have the correct black painted bedwood. Unfortunately, he later discovered much rust and bondo in the cab but was too late to turn back. Patch panels would be needed.

Chevrolet and Pat Jackson’s Deluxe 1954 pickup includes item that were usually extra cost such as; a chrome grill, stainless steel windshield and side window trim, a right side sunvisor , right taillight, chrome bumpers, and right arm rest.

Only the Deluxe package included the following and are now on this 1954: cloth seat inserts, lower body color on the running boards, a different color interior, matching door panels and headliner, interior color steering wheel and column. One very difficult to find item in this Deluxe package is the colored floor mat. It has not been found. This will be a long hunt but Pat is always on the lookout!

Several Chevrolet options on this truck (not part of the Deluxe package) you could order from the factory during production include side mount spare tire, Shell White cab top, and 4 speed transmission.

Pat was also able to find a few additional accessories that were still extra cost beyond the Deluxe package. Included are the dealer installed fresh air heater, eagle hood ornament, wheel rings, bumper guards, and dash mounted clock.

The photos show the finished product. Pat has a new nearly 60 year old Chevrolet Ocean Green Deluxe ½ ton. Of course, they always take much longer to restore that we expect. This took six years of evenings (2,200 hours) to complete!

His feeling of self satisfaction and pride has made it all seem worthwhile. Pat has begun taking it to various auto and truck shows!  If you’d like to contact Pat, please send an email to red38@embarqmail.com.

Photos by Steve Stoll.


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