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1961 Deluxe Chevrolet

Owner: Paul Bremer

It’s 1965 and 10 year old Paul Bremer often rides his bicycle near his home in Seward, Nebraska.  One thing he always admires is the neighbor’s 1961 Deluxe Chevrolet ½ ton.  They had bought it new and wanted the best.  Few 1961 Chevrolet trucks were equipped with this amount of trim and it always caught Paul’s attention.  He often watched them cleaning and waxing this pickup by its garage.

Over 20 years later in 1985, Paul received a call from the local Chrysler dealer.  The owner had heard of his love for older vehicles in this medium size Nebraska town.  They had just received a 1961 Chevy truck as a trade on a new car that week.  They had no interest in keeping a 27 year old pickup in 1988 even if it had only 30,000 miles on the odometer.

What a surprise!  When Paul arrived at this Chrysler dealership, he quickly realized this was the pickup that had once belonged to his neighbors, the truck he had admired during his bicycle years.  In less than an hour he was the new owner.

His project was to bring it back to its glory days.  Some repairs were needed after many years and with great enthusiasm Paul started the transformation.  During the very detailed clean-up he removed two seat cover layers to expose the undamaged deluxe seat.  Shag carpet (popular in 1960 homes) had protected the factory rubber floor mat.  New original Chevy hub caps were finally found and replaced the aftermarket chrome wire wheel covers.  The bumpers were re-chromed.

To remove chips and related paint damage the lower half of the body was sanded and painted the correct Pure White.  The tailgate and wheels were refreshed with the original color Tampico Turquoise.  The correct white wall tires for 1961 were installed.

All the rare deluxe trim is mint condition.  Accessories included the fresh air heater.  At some point in time the original radio was replaced.   A NOS radio will be re-installed.  The original 283 V8, column shift 3 speed transmission, suspension and 8 foot bed are unchanged.

Paul occasionally drives his special truck but only in nice weather.  In fact, during the last 25 years it has only been on the road 10,000 miles.  This was mostly to special interest auto and truck shows in surrounding states.

A special comment on Paul’s love for older vehicles:  In past years he has accumulated about 6 mint condition trucks with extremely low mileage.  Several additional vehicles that have been driven further are also part of his collection.  He also gradually has collected large quantities of very special new and used original parts.  Most will never be reproduced.  Paul knows what to look for!

Where does he keep all these special trucks and parts?  A closed Chevrolet dealership in a small town near Paul’s home came up for sale.  Yes, you’re correct, he bought it!  All his toys and parts can stay inside out of view.

You can contact Paul at:  paulspickupparts@windstream.net.

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