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1946 Chevrolet 1/2 Ton

Owner: Paul Owsley

The first thing that catches most people’s attention is this nicely restored 1946 Chevy 1/2 ton is the Apple Green paint, an original color on this over 70 year old little pickup.


Its owner is Paul Owsley of Independence, Missouri (a lifelong driver for the Greyhound Bus Co.). For many years he has been the owner of Model A Fords, however, the appearance of the Chevy 1941-46 truck body style had been growing on him in recent years. About 2 years ago he saw an EBay ad that showed a ground up restored 1946 Chevrolet ½ ton about 800 miles away. That description and the photos created “love at first sight”. In 2 weeks it was delivered from Michigan and sitting in his driveway.

He was still impressed but soon realized photos don’t always tell the true story. There would still be many hours of work to make it roadworthy and to correct the mistakes of a fast restoration. It appears the owner had only resale in mind during the resent restoration!

The first project was the mechanicals. The kingpins, spindles and the rod ends may have never been replaced! It could not be safely driven. The engine block had a very small casting hole in the side that always leaked oil on a driveway. The sales person could not have ever driven the pickup but he sure knew how to clean and paint.

The fenders all lacked half their attaching bolts. The big shock was a small hole in the roof with a piece of tape inside to stop water leaks (until sold). The drill bit must have been pressed too hard when they tried to make the one piece 1941 headliner into a 1946 with two pieces.

The cab roof hole was repaired and the orange peel paint surface was corrected when the body was painted again. Surprise: The terminal blocks on the inner fenders that connect the main wiring harness to the head light harness were never installed. Someone had just wired all together as one! All tires needed replacing as they were oversized. They were more like you might see on a full size late model pickup.

The bed was held to the frame with about 2 bolts. Not the required six. The quarter inch bolts in the bed strips had almost no fasteners under the wood. Gravity held them in place.

Finally, a year has passed and this little ½ ton’s “updated restoration” is complete. Several people had jumped into the project to make corrections. Paul really likes it now! It was often seen this past fall at local car shows where the public attention it received relates to its top quality. It is beautiful even when you get close. You can contact Paul Owsley on his email at: owsleyathome@aol.com

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