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1934-35 Chevrolet Truck Headliner – Real

This is for those that consider originality very important! We recently received a photo of a “real” truck headliner still in place after over 80 years. Amazing!

We just could not trash this photo of one of probably the only example in existence. Most people today were not alive when it came off the assembly line. It appears to have been held in place with the two parallel metal strips that run between the doors. They still have some of their black paint.

One addition added years later are the four metal rusty “c” shaped strips that extend from the horizontal wood support above the rear window to behind the original rear long strip. It is assumed this was added later to stop the sagging of the aged headliner material.

Interesting: The headliner is a dark olive color, not the expected brown or black. Mike Russell of Fulton, Missouri recently received these photos from a truck customer that had asked some technical questions. He also knew it was probably the only one in existence!



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