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1938 Chevrolet Grille Trivia

This data may be of interest to those restoring a 1938 Chevy truck or car grill to look very authentic.

After the chrome plating was added at the factory additional appearance steps were necessary. The extended metal on the horizontal bars were given a satin black paint. The two outer verticals were also given this satin black coating on their visible inners.

How was the color added after plating? It is suspected the total grill was painted. Then a person could quickly wipe the black from the outer edge of the horizontal bars with a solvent. This would not require a high paid skilled painter, just a person with moderate talent and a good wiping cloth.

The single indentation in the six wider horizontal bars were given a red stripe. The attached photos of a New Old Stock, never installed grill, shows the red strip was probably added by a painter in the plant not using a stencil. There is an inconsistent look in how the red was added on this near 80 year old new grill. Trimming this total paint package results in a very nice appearance. The GM designers had a good eye!

Photos by: Nancy Russell, Columbia, Missouri




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