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1940 Accessory Cooling Baffle

Over 75 years ago the Chevrolet Motor Division offered an accessory in 1940 to help prevent work trucks from overheating during higher temperature days. The 1942 Chevrolet Master Parts Catalog shows it still available for the dealers to purchase and install.

It was referred to as a “Bafffle” and was attached to the inside of the upper radiator core and was combined with the larger 18” fan (if it was not already on the truck.) Smaller ½ and ¾ ton pickups would usually have their original 15” fan. The larger blade fan for more cooling capacity was expected to be paired with this new baffle.

The attached shows a New Old Stock 1940 baffle with an 18” factory fan. Its rounded center is to fit around the existing upper radiator hose. The purpose was to force more outside air through the top of the radiator core which received the hottest water as it leaves the engine head.

It appears to be a very practical accessory during very hot summer days with the trucks moving show, an example (for sure on a 1 ½ ton carrying a heavy load) would be:

  1. In a farm hay field the truck slowly moving to each bale of hay, stopping, and workers stacking the hay bales on the flat bed often beyond the recommended gross weight capacity.
  2. Making deliveries in a city’s downtown area from building to building with hot afternoon temperatures also radiating off the bricks on both sides of an alley with limited wind circulation.
NOTE: It is not likely this baffle would greatly effect cooling of the ½ and ¾ ton pickups. Their hauling heavy freight was limited, however because the baffle would also fit these pickups, Chevrolet listed them as an accessory. Adding just an accessory 18” fan would probably be adequate to lower coolant temperature.

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