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1958 Chrome Headlight Rings

It did not happen!

There is no evidence that Chevrolet (the jury is out on GMC) ever offered chrome headlight rings the year they introduced dual sealed beam headlights.

The attached photo is of a 1958 Cameo (the most deluxe truck in this line-up) with 1.4 miles on the odometer. The Pierce, Nebraska Chevrolet Dealer closed his doors in the late 1950’s with several new untitled vehicles brought inside where they remained for 55 years!  It now sits in a private museum in New Hampshire with the U.S. lowest mileage vehicles of the 1950’s.

This ’58 Cameo is untouched with “no” chrome headlight rings. These rings are GM’s Bombay Ivory, the color that was used on places or as a total Cameo color.

Assume the occurrence of 1958 Chevrolet trucks with chrome rings in recent years is all from an overseas manufacturer that suspects Americans will only buy chrome!

It must be a correct assumption or the perfectionist restorers would repaint their originals or they just do not know or it is quicker and easier to add new incorrect chromed rings.

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