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1957 Chevrolet Trim Mistake

The 1957 Chevrolet side trim unfortunately had the threaded holes that connect it to the fenders in the same position on the right and left sides. This creates a problem for many after painting.  The right and left interchange!  Therefore, body shops often attach them to the wrong side after painting the two fenders.

These emblems were made to look like a rocket with red-orange exhaust. Installing them incorrectly points this rocket in the wrong direction.  The new paint lines created by tightening the emblems on the fenders prevent them from being reversed.  The damage in the paint surface has been done!

Actually the emblems have “RH” or “LH” cast on their back side. If the shop would only look, the mistake would not happen!  Here is a close up (with patent numbers) on an original.  The current reproductions also have the letters as to what side each is for!










                                                   Correct Trim                                                   Incorrect Trim (Backwards)
























Patent Numbers on Back Side

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