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1957-58 Cameo Wheel Ring Clips

On occasions we are asked: How do we install the wheel ring clips on the 1957-58 Chevrolet Cameo? (These rings were on all Cameo’s during these two years).

GM used this way of attaching the wide rings, so they could be pulled outward to gain access to the tire valve stem. This was for allowing you to be unable to see the valve stem on these boulevard Cameo trucks. Very ingenious!

Jim Carter Trivia:

Prior to 1957 the Cameo used the best wheel covers Chevrolet had. These were also on the 15” wheels of the Bel-Air passenger car.

The big change was in 1957 when the passenger car began using 14” wheels. The Cameo 15” wheels could no longer use car wheel covers. What now!

The answer was adding chrome to the standard ½ ton painted hub cap. To fill in the space beyond the hub cap Chevrolet added a new design wheel ring

Close up of Original Ring that is Secured by the Clips.

1957-1958 Cameo Wheel Clip Installation Instructions

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