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1957 Chevrolet Upholstery Trivia

We recently obtained an original 65 year old “Chevrolet Salesman’s Truck Data Book”. It was made available only to franchised dealer sales personnel. This text book for truck salesmen provided the data they should know to answer the many questions of potential buyers.

In reading the section on upholstery we discovered facts that may be of interest to those with a goal of creating a truck just the way it left the factory. The first thing we noted was the seat terminology. It was confusing. We finally realized their term “Deluxe” was simply an advertising word to make the basic entry-level truck to appear “just a little bit better”. This was really Chevrolet’s basic non option upholstery.

This truck’s top of the line was not a Deluxe as we often use in daily conversation. We discovered the best cab in 1957 was called a “Custom”. With that data it will be easier to understand Chevrolet terminology in this following page printed January, 15, 1957.

In summary: the base entry level trucks used an easy to clean seat material in Gray “Bark” pattern vinyl in the total seat cushion. It’s thicker; rougher surface would give years of use! It covers the base padding material used of many prior years, often referred to as “hogshair”.

If you preferred a more comfortable seat the buyer could move up to a “Regular Production Option”. (RPO) The cushions were padded with foam rubber. This was covered with the same “Bark” vinyl, however the boxing (sides, edges and three front pieces of the back cushion) were in Gray vinyl. See the upper left photo of the enclosed second factory page. (This is the Gray they used. Not the charcoal with the six dots.)

Now for the third level of upholstery for 1957 trucks: This was only available in Chevrolet’s Boulevard ½ ton pickups; the Cameo!

It was provided in the same pattern as the original custom cab above, however; the Bark vinyl insert was replaced with very attractive cloth inserts plus edging in four vinyl harmonizing colors. The attached page shows which of the four could be obtained and with what interior colors. NOTE: Each 1957 Cameo came with two exterior colors to add to their very unusual appearance above the everyday work truck!

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